More abandoned writings: I suck at Counter-Strike

Here's another post from last summer that I didn't publish and forgot about. I probably didn't publish it because I was ashamed of how badly I suck at Counter-Strike. But now I have mustered the courage to tell my story.


I suck at Counter-Strike.

Ok, I bought and played Half-life 2. Lots of fun, a really cool game. Bundled with it was Counter-Strike: Source, which is a sorta-realistic first person shooter pitting terrorists against counter-terrorist. Basically it boils down to running around and shooting things. Apparently Counter-Strike is dominated by 12 year old boys who pick nicknames that look like line noise. Naturally I figured I would become quite good at it in no time, because after all I'm a grown up and it's just running around and shooting things.

And yet, after spending way too much time playing it, I suck. I suck very badly. And apparently everyone else totally rules with a high kill/death ratio, while I get 1 kill every 20 times I'm killed. And that's just because I accidently fired a shot just as a bad guy rounded a corner. I'm not sure how everyone else has a positive kill/death ratio except me, unless I'm the one guy everyone's killing. If I make it longer than 30 seconds into a round without getting killed, then I consider myself to be "on fire".

I learned rather quickly that if you see an enemy and just starting firing (the "spray and pray" tactic), that you will hit nothing. Meanwhile the other guy crouches down to aim, fires and boom, you're dead. So I learned to instead crouch, aim and fire, and then boom I'm dead anyway.

At first I thought everyone was cheating. Everyone. Had to be. No other explaination, I can't be this bad. Then I realized that maybe, just maybe, I really suck at this game. Maybe everyone is better than me, because somehow running around and shooting things is harder than it looks. Maybe I just plain suck at Counter-Strike.


This one's a little more my speed:


Posted January 4, 2006 8:28 PM