Dual Monitor Gripe

When coding in Erlang, all the documentation I use is browser based, so I like keep a Firefox browser window open in my second monitor that is dedicated to Erlang documentation.

However, to accomplish this, I need to:
1. Open the link in a new browser window (not just a new tab).
2. "Restore" the window.
3. Drag the window to the second monitor.
4. Maximize the window.

This works great, until I want to open a new browser window, in which case instead of opening to my main monitor it opens to the second monitor in front of my Erlang documentation.

To remedy the situation, I must:
1. "Restore" the new window.
2. Drag the new window to back to the main monitor.
3. Maximize the new window.

After all this finally my second monitor is useful and my browser is behaving correctly. This is an awful lot of steps just to browse documentation on a second monitor. The only other option I know of is to dedicate the use of another browser (IE in my case) to browsing in the second window. It works, but I'd much rather use the same Firefox browser in all my browser windows, with the same extensions, bookmarks, etc. Anyone know some tricks in this area?

This whole dual monitor thing just isn't as seamless as it should be. For example, while working in Visual Studio ('03), I often would like to view a project source file in the second monitor, but I can find no simple way to do it. This seems like a really obvious feature to me. Maybe Visual Studio 2005 fixes this?

So far, I've found using dual monitors to be almost as frustrating as it is useful. Hopefully this will start to go away as applications increasingly become multi-monitor aware, but for now I'd just settle for my browser to deal with it slightly better.

Posted February 16, 2006 2:31 PM