A Wanted Man

Suddenly, I'm a very popular boy amongst the software giants. I've always had regular contact from various recruiters, mostly it's clueless headhunters spamming me with vague job descriptions and I just ignore them.

But very recently, I'm getting lots of calls from "clued-in" recruiters who have a brain and conduct themselves professionally and have jobs that are actually good matches for me. In the past few weeks I've had Apple, Microsoft, Google and just yesterday Oracle contact me for positions. With the exception of Apple (who really needs to go back to recruiting 101: Don't Mislead the Candidates), they all already had my resume and had specific positions in mind for me. Hotdiggity, I'm the cool popular kid! (Yahoo, where are you? You're missing Damienfest '06)

While it’s great to be wanted and popular, I'm just not looking for a job. I'm very focused on Couch and unless you are interested in helping me build it, I'm not interested in working for you. Well, actually, that's not completely true, at some level I am interested in these jobs, and that's kind of the problem: All this is turning into is just distractions.

So in each case, I've politely told the recruiter I'm focused only on building Couch, and if they want to talk to me about Couch they are welcome. But otherwise, I'm just not interested at this time. Now I have to give Google credit, when I told them this, they immediately asked for more information about Couch, maybe they're interested. I really don’t know that much about what Google is really like, but from this encounter I get the impression at least they aren't just staffing-up to build the things that that complete (or protect) their world domination, they are actually interested in getting creative people and letting them build cool things. But I digress.

Whether or not any of this turns into anything besides distractions, I can't say. But I am wondering though, why the very sudden attention from the big boys? Now it's not like I think I don't deserve it (any company would be lucky to have me building software for them), but why are they all of a sudden so hot on me? It’s probably just coincidence, but its odd how 3 tech giants contacted me out of the blue within a week.

So while I'm trying not to think about it too much and just focus on Couch, so far it has been a big distraction. I need to get back into my groove where every day is just about me writing software.

Posted March 3, 2006 2:58 PM