Gooooooogle! (Aprils fools)

It's now official, starting Monday I'm a Google employee! We've been in talks for some weeks now, I've managed to con someone that my Couch project has real potential.

Initially I'll be working full time on a Notes/Domino related project for which my continued expertise will be important. My involvment in that will wind down pretty quickly after the first month or so, and then I'll be working almost full time on (drumroll please).... Couch!

So while I can't really talk much about the details of the arrangement, I can say:

  • I will continue to blog about openly about the technical direction of Couch

  • Couch will be open source (but we haven't settled on the exact license)

  • Initially it will be just me as the only Google resource working on Couch

Also, we haven't worked out exactly where I'll be living. Mountain View is the strongest possibility, but the Boston office is also a likelyhood. For now I'll work from home in Charlotte and with trips to Mountain View (I'm totally bi-coastal). I'll let you guys know where I'm going live as soon as I know!

Yes, I'm positively thrilled. I'll now have access to absolutely tremendous resources that I can apply to the development of Couch. Watch this space!

Update: I really should thank Phil Latio and Wayne King for all they've done to help make this happen. If it weren't for them I'd have no job. Really.

Update 2: Wow, this is an unexpected development. Google has just finalized plans to open a Charlotte development office (I didn't know about it until today), and it looks like that's where I'll be based out of. They're going to announce more details later. I'm told the office is going to have an "Aardvark theme". I'm not sure what that means.

Update 3: Ok, I've been told what "Aardvark theme" means. It means the building is made to look like an Aardvark and the siding looks like grey fur. How very Googly.

Update 4: It was an Aprils fools prank. All of it, including all the increasingly absurd updates and responses I added throughout the day. Except for the part about Wayne King always being there for me. That part's for real.

Yes, I'm pure evil.

Posted April 1, 2006 12:21 PM