Linspire Development Standardizes on Haskell

The OS team at Linspire, Inc. would like to announce that we are standardizing on Haskell as our preferred language for core OS development.

Linspire/Freespire Core OS Team and Haskell

I haven't used Haskell for development, so I can't say how wise this decision is technically. But I'm betting they attract a much better candidate pool, for no other reason than people who learn Haskell typically do it because they want to learn something new, they want to discover new ways of thinking. Contrast to most of the Java/C#/VB ravel who only learned the language to get or keep a job, and whose resumes will bury you if you post openings for those languages. (yeah, I'm making big sweeping generalizations, but you know I'm mostly right)

Posted May 15, 2006 12:20 PM