Hear me talk about CouchDb

Earlier tonight I was interviewed about CouchDb by Bruce Elgort and Julian Robichaux on their popular Lotus oriented The Taking Notes Podcast show. He just now put it up so I haven't listened to it yet, but I'm betting I'll be cringing and wincing when I listen to myself speak. Wince, wince, wince....cringe...wince, wince. You know how it goes.

Anyway, I talk a lot about CouchDb and its goals, and also how it compares with Notes. Plus I think I had a rant about how Exchange sucks, and how things would be better if I were running things and you're not the boss of me. Should be good!

Link to the Podcast

I just heard it and I think it turned out quite good. Have a listen!

Posted June 8, 2006 1:25 AM