GPL CouchDb

Ok, I'm just hours away from releasing the next alpha of CouchDb as GPL code.

Anyone care to talk me out of it? My Coin in the Couch post from a few months ago outlines the plan, which can be summarized thusly:

1. Release the core for free.
2. Charge for closed source add-ons.

So that's the plan, but for that plan to work I need funding. So over then next couple of months, I'm going try to attract some funding for this project.

The question is, if I GPL the project, will that substantially hamper my ability to get funding? The consensus from the few people I've polled is that it will. Most money guys aren't going to see value in a project that's been GPL'd.

But will it hamper my ability to get quality funding? I mean, I don't want to do business with most VCs. The VC ranks are filled with pressure driven MBA types overly concerned with the big payoff.

I'm not interested in making myself a buyout target for MegaRich Corp. I want to change the world and have fun doing it. Goddammit, that's what I'm going to do. Whoring myself out for big dollars isn't fun. It's soul crushing. Trust me, I know this.

So is GPL'ing my source code a bad idea? Will it make it harder for me to attract good funding? I think the answer is no, but feel free to try to convince me otherwise.

BTW, if you've never actually dealt with investors or ran a business, you are going to have a double hard time convincing me.

Posted August 31, 2006 2:08 PM