CouchDb Documentation Wiki and Forum

I've added a bunch of new stuff to the CouchDb Documentation Wiki, and I've also been getting contributions from other folks as well (Lots of good stuff added by Alan Bell).

It uses the MediaWiki software. After trying out several different services, each of which seemed to have its own unique text markup format and other things that weren't quite right, I decided to go with something non-proprietary and familiar. MediaWiki is the same software the Wikipedia uses, and it makes the documentation look awesome. The same exact stuff simply looks much better on than every other wiki I tried. Maybe it's just because I've become accustomed to the Wikipedia style, whatever the reason, I'm very pleased.

It's cheap too. You can get a MediaWiki capable LAMP provider for $5/month and have the full power of the software that also runs the Wikipedia. The install was pretty simple, almost no hiccups (but not for newbies). So yeah, I highly recommend it.

And for the couch-potatoes out there, the CouchDb discussion forum is now live and has an RSS feed (Thanks William). For now it is the best place to post questions, suggestions, bugs, criticisms, etc.

Posted September 7, 2006 7:57 PM