Contribute to CouchDb and show off your AJAX skills

Want to contribute to CouchDb? CouchDb needs a generic GUI utility application that ships with the server, something like Ned's NotesPeek utility for Notes.

I'm thinking a lightweight client that lets you see lists of databases on a server, browse all documents in a database, open and edit documents, and view and page through the computed tables.

As I see it, the client would be ideally written as a AJAX browser application and served up by CouchDb server as a built-in admin/dev tool. Enough CouchDb features are in place that it should be relatively straightforward, but with the current paucity of documentation you'll likely need a bit of help and guidance from me, which I will happily give.

Of course, it's not mandatory it be written as a browser based client, it can be done as a fat client written in VB for instance. (It just that such a client can't be instantly served up by the server.)

This is something that would be *very* useful and I want to ship it with the next version of CouchDb in a couple of weeks. If you are interested contact me.

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Posted September 21, 2006 1:34 PM