CouchDb to do list:

1. Get the documentation into *much* better shape.
2. Start the ball rolling on funding. Know any investors interested in changing the world?
3. Create more examples.
4. Replication engine.
5. Create offline demos.
6. Wow investors.
7. Finalize important api interfaces.
8. Start hammering hard on reliability and regression tests.
9. Begin performance work.
10. Live compaction.
11. Unicode(uft8) support
12. Start beta testing and promotion.
13. Attachment support.
13. Fabric - beefed up text processing features and integrated regexp syntax.
14. Fabric - richer syntax for computed table creation (e.g. specify multiple column indexes)
15. Computed tables - more query options
16. Score funding.
17. Turn this mutha out.

(not listed: 100's of small tedious tasks)

Posted September 3, 2006 10:33 PM