Infogami, you lost me - UPDATE

I've now moved the main project site away from the project wiki and to its own domain. (Actually William Beh did all the work, thanks William). However, I still want a wiki for the documentation. I was going to use the same Infogami hosted one, but it has a few shortcoming:

1. I can't get an RSS feed alerting me of changes/postings.
2. See #1.

This is a big deal. I need at one place to see the activity on the site, not to hunting around randomly. A RSS feed is ideal, but a recent history web page would be good enough too. But they don't even have that. There are some "special pages" in the site preferences: "index", "recent" and "stats". But each one give an error when I go there. Why? I don't know.

So I decided to RTFM, Infogami Help:, and it too is a Wiki. And apparently, it's in a constant state of defacement. Here is the edit history, it's gotten well over an hundred edits in the past 24hrs. All the edits I saw are just a bunch of links to Viagra and poker sites, probably placed by a spam bot. I'm sure somewhere in the edit history is the legitimate documentation home page, but I'm not going to waste a bunch of time fiddling with that. I've got real work to do, such as writing a bunch of documentation of my own.

So I'm going to abandon Infogami and use another Wiki host that's a little more full featured and has, ya know, documentation. Anyone got any recommendations? A pay-only host is fine, so long it's reasonably cheap.


After much unhappiness with every hosted solution I tried (JotSpot, PbWiki, SocialText and of course Infogami), I settled on using MediaWiki (the same software used for Wikipedia).

Coming soon here:

Posted September 1, 2006 4:49 PM