Things I Know

This is list of things I need to need to remember and am likely to forget.

  1. I am forgetful. Perhaps no more than normal, but I forget dates and facts and movie dialogue. I'll forget how I felt about something once, or what it was really like to be somewhere, or why something was successful. And I won't know I forgot it, I won't know I misremember it.
  2. There is no destiny, no fate, no guarantees.
  3. I need rest and time to be with my family.
  4. I need exercise daily. It builds strength and gives me energy and focus.
  5. I am the same. Every feeling, desire, thought or outlook I have is shared by more people than I can possibly know. I am not unusual or alone.
  6. I am different. The combination of my parts is, if not unique, at least rare, as is the sum of my experiences. Most people, at any given time, aren't thinking like I think, aren't feeling what I feel, aren't understanding what I understand. And vice-versa. Failure to recognize this leads to communication problems.
  7. Practice is learning. Practice is learning. Practice is learning. See #1.
  8. I am resilient. Fear injures me far more than failure.
  9. I need periods of quiet restful thought every day, a time to think.
  10. People who really understand me are rare. Care for those relationships and maintain them.
  11. I make mistakes and I am often blind to them.
  12. I am lucky. I am very very lucky.

Posted September 28, 2006 3:15 PM