CouchDb 0.5.0, Linux Port and More

Thanks to the hard work of Jan Lehnardt, CouchDb now builds, installs and runs on Linux. That's a huge step for the project!

And on Windows the project can now also build a full server kit from a single command. The build setup process is still a bit harder than it should be on both platforms, just a warning. Coming soon will be the Mac OSX port, Jan already has it running on both PPC and Intel Macs but it needs a little more work yet. Correction: This version does build and run on Mac Intel using most of the same build instructions for Linux. Updated build instructions and precompiled universal binaries for the Mac are coming.

Also in this build is the new built-in CouchPeek admin utility created by William Beh.

To use it, just visit a special url on the CouchDb server:

It uses the Dojo framwork and is quite slick. I have a zillion features I already want to add to it ;)

Get Stuff

CouchDb for Windows (unzip and launch startCouchDb.cmd):

CouchDb GPL Project Source (Builds on Windows and Linux):

You can get the latest source from the SVN repository here:

If you have problems, questions, suggestions, etc the best place for them is the CouchDb project forum.

One last thing, check out this really cool project badge Ken Tango created:

That is just so awesome!

Posted October 21, 2006 11:52 PM