Y Combinator

A month or so ago I filled out the rather short and simple Y Combinator funding application form for CouchDb. I heard back a couple of days ago and I'm interviewing with them in Cambridge on November 5.

This is really cool because while I'd love to have funding for CouchDb I've decided against pursuing venture capital funding (for a number of reasons). But Y Combinator's investment approach seems far more rational than the traditional VC way. Although they really do seem to be targeting college kids, everything else about them is a good match for the project.

So we'll interview and hopefully good things will happen. I've already asked them about blogging this stuff (a very big no-no with VCs), and they didn't immediately tell me to go hell, so stay tuned.

Anyone have a place in the Boston area for me to crash for a night or two? (I'm planning Nov. 4 and 5) Taken care of!
Big thanks to Ned Batchelder and Bruce Perry and their respective generous families for giving me beds to sleep in.

Posted October 26, 2006 7:30 PM