CouchDb 0.6.0

CouchDb 0.6.0 is now available on the project download page. Thanks to Jan Lehnardt and William Beh for their contributions to the project.

This has the new replication stuff in it, which I'll be writing about more later. For now, here's what's new from the readme.txt file:


The replication facility is now available in CouchDb. To replicate a database, from the erlang console:

> couch_rep:replicate( "local_database_name_a", "local_database_name_b").

You can also specify a HTTP URL to a remote database:

> couch_rep:replicate( "local_database_name_a", "http://remoteserver:8888/remote_database_name_b/").

Either or both databases can be remote:

> couch_rep:replicate( "http://remoteserver:8888/remote_database_name_a/", "http://remoteserver:8888/remote_database_name_b/").


CouchPeek can now create and delete documents and view their XML source, as well as display tables.

Build from Source

The process of building from source is made easier and less error prone.

One more thing, this has a new disk format will not work with database files from older versions of CouchDb. Beta versions of CouchDb will likely have database migration.


Jan has built a new Mac OS X package, also available from the downloads page.

Posted November 27, 2006 9:52 PM