Looking for a Job

I've been isolated here in Charlotte for too long. I miss being around people and being a part of a team. I miss geeking-out about tech stuff: bits and bytes, functional programming vs OOP, concurrency models, etc. I want to be around hardcore developers again.

So I'm looking for a permanent position as an engineer in a software development organization.

What am I looking for in a employer? More than anything I want to work with great people. Smart, hardworking, fun people. I'm not really concerned with the size of the company, but I don't function well in bureaucracy and hierarchy, so that eliminates most large companies.

My preference is to relocate to the Silicon Valley area, but I'm willing to consider elsewhere for the right opportunity.

(Also, I hear great things about SAS. If you have an inside contacts on jobs there, let me know.)

My resume is here: DamienResume.pdf

Posted January 16, 2007 12:46 PM