Damien has a new job!

Starting March 5, I will be working for MySQL!

The sound-bite version of what I'll be doing: Making MySQL more dependable.

I'll be working on the maintenance team. This job will mean I spend a lot of time finding and understanding bugs and weird behaviors and then either documenting or fixing them.

To some people this sounds like a crappy job, dealing with bugs full time. However, I've done similar work on Notes and Domino and actually enjoyed it immensely. Finding the cause of a bug in otherwise working code is a puzzle, and it's something my mind enjoys attacking. And I like taking a working software product and making it better.

Anyway I'm excited about this since I can have a direct, positive effect on a lot of people. I'm also a bit worried about announcing it too loudly for fear of being inundated with people's pet bugs and issues, both real and imagined. It's quite the popular database platform you know.

Posted February 22, 2007 3:00 PM