Comedy Gold

Today is my daughter Gwendolyn's 3rd birthday, and as of late she's become quite the little comedian. She's discovered the single most hilarious word in the English language: Poop

For example, when we are going do see her friend Brandon, she'll ask "Poop-Brandon?" and then laugh and laugh. And then I'll laugh because, well, "Poop-Brandon" is pretty funny.

And the other night, while reading the picture book New Cat to her, she insisted the cat was "Poop". So I said "Poop" every time the book said "New Cat" and I must say, the entertainment value of the book shot up 1000%.

I've since been told I was wrong in doing so. And I understand. I try not to encourage her, because as a parent it's your job to prevent your kids from saying "poop". Society looks down on it. I think it's for the same reason we look down on steroid use: It confers an unfair advantage in making with the ha ha.

It's so powerful, it's nearly impossible to use the word poop and NOT be funny.

Man 1: My dog has no nose.
Man 2: Really? How does he smell?
Man 1: Like poop.
Man 1: No really, it's disgusting.

Now I'm trying to not encourage her, but Pandora's box is already opened and it's bursting with poop. So since I can't stop it, my plan is when she drops a poop-bomb, I'll just claim I was laughing at something else.

Gwendolyn: Poop!
Me: Hahahaha!
Wife: Don't encourage her.
Me: Oh right. I was actually thinking about that Seinfeld rerun last night. Hilarious!
Gwendolyn: Poop-Seinfeld!

I'm still working on it.

Happy Birthday Poop-Gwendolyn!

Posted March 16, 2007 10:23 AM