OS X Gripe

Ok, let's say I'm copying a bunch a files from Computer A to Computer B (for example, gigabytes of family photos onto my wife's new MacBook) and in the middle of the copy operation it stops with an error (for example, my Dell machine falls off the wifi network).

I understand, the network goes down, it's a problem. Fine. I drag the same remote folder to the same target location.


I don't want either of these options. "Stop" is clearly not what I want, and "Replace" means it's going to resend every file across the network and write it to disk, even if the damn file is already there. Please don't make me start the whole damn thing over.

I want a "Restart Copy" option, so that it only copies the files that don't already exist.

In addition to constantly falling off the network, the Dell's built-in 802.11g wifi is always far far slower than it should be. It's not so slow as to make web browsing painful but slow enough that several gigabytes across the network will take a couple of hours. For a copy operation that size, it's a total crapshoot if the copy operation will complete before it drops off the network again.

Fortunately I know how to use the bash command line and cp with the right flags to do what I want (I'm a computer expert ya know). But I shouldn't have to be an computer geek to do simple thing like copy files from Machine A to Machine B.

XP didn't get this right either so Apple is hardly alone. I don't know about Vista. Maybe some Linux distro does it right.

Posted May 7, 2007 1:01 AM