Your existence gives me hope - part 2

Last week I was walking in San Francisco, hurrying about to see interesting things before my trip home the next day. I came across a message spray painted on the sidewalk. I didn't have a camera but here is an example found on Flickr:


I looked at it for about 5 seconds and kept walking. But the message stayed with me. I repeated the words in my head and it made me feel good each time I did. I kept thinking about it as I walked around, wondering who put the message there and why.

The words stayed with me a few days, each time I'd think them I'd have pleasant thoughts. I imagined a person touched by the unexpected kind actions of another. I imagined the happiness of someone being told they inspired someone else. I imagined someone grateful for another person but too shy to say so. I imagined people who inspired me and others. I imagined that I was filling someone with hope just by being me.

Everything I imagined was nice, everything made me connected and happy.

I began to think the message's only purpose was to inspired happy thoughts. And for me it did. I think the mystery was a big part of it. Why this message and to whom? The mystery kept me thinking about it. And it was nice.

So I decided to post the same message without explanation or comments so that you would read it and maybe wonder about happy things for little while. I hope it worked.

Posted May 3, 2007 5:29 PM