No I’m not dead. I’ve just been too busy to write.

Right now I’ve got my full time job with MySQL, a wife, 3 year old and a 3 month old, CouchDB and my blog. So guess which item is the first to fall off my “to do” list?

Anyway, what’s been going on:

My new daughter is doing great. She’s getting all smiley and happy and is a lot of fun right now.

At MySQL I’ve been working on a thread/connection pooling feature for MySQL that we hope will increase the number of concurrent client connections to a server by an order of magnitude or more. I wrote an implementation that uses libevent and we will start performance and stress testing soon. It’s very cool stuff.

CouchDB has been getting lots of help from different people. A big thanks to Sam Ruby, Christopher Lenz, Noah Slater and of course Jan.

CouchDB is steadily attracting attention and we haven’t even done an official alpha release of the JSON stuff. But you can download the latest source here and if you have a Linux, OS X or BSD system then CouchDB will probably build and run for you (big thanks to Noah). See the README. No Windows build yet though, but you are free to try to port the build to Windows and we’ll include it the project trunk.


Also, the utility/admin client is totally rocking, big thanks to Christopher. Thing is, we don’t really have a name for it yet. Feel free to suggest one.

Posted October 28, 2007 3:08 PM