How to ruin music and TV with one device

I had to return the loaner Sonos bundle I wrote about a few months ago, and I was sad and disappointed because I really loved the Sonos. The Sonos is a dream, works great with Rhapsody and filled our house with music. Wonderful, until I had to give it back. Then I was sad.

So I was excited when recently Tivo announced they would have Rhapsody integration for on-demand music streaming. Everyone knows how much I love my TiVo (I was quite upset up when my Series 1 Tivo died earlier this year), and I was already looking for a music system for our main living area. With all the goodness Tivo provides for TV viewing, I had high expectations for it as a music player.

And my high hopes have been completely dashed. What a disaster. The Rhapsody player crashes and hangs ALL the time. We have never gotten through an entire meal without the music hanging. And I eat fast. When the damn thing crashes I have to reboot my whole TiVo box and any TV shows recording at the time get interrupted too while it reboots. Anger...rising. It's like the Lil' Rage Inducer all over again.

This isn't like the regular Tivo experience *at all*. I'm betting the same people who wrote wrote the rock-solid Tivo software did NOT write the Rhapsody piece. But it doesn't matter who wrote it, it makes Tivo look bad. Not cool Tivo. Not cool at all.

A simple solution to this is to just buy a Sonos, it's slick, easy to use and "just works". It never hung, ever. BUT it's priced more than we can justify right now. So we are going to try the Squeezebox from Logitech. It’s not nearly as impressive of a system as the Sonos, but it’s a lot cheaper, and like Sonos and Tivo it doesn’t require a PC to stream Rhapsody music. Hopefully it will be an acceptable compromise.

Posted November 22, 2007 11:19 AM