San Jose trip, CouchDB talk - Updated: Scheduled for 2pm PT, Thursday, Jan. 24

I'll be in San Jose this Thursday and Friday to meet with various folks about CouchDB.

On Thursday afternoon at 2pm PT I'll be giving this talk at IBM's Almaden Research Center:


An Introduction to CouchDB


Damien Katz - Creator and Project Leader of CouchDB.


CouchDB is a JSON document database built for the web. I'll be talking about CouchDBs core concepts and features: RESTful HTTP api, ACID properties, Javascript based views, distributed update and replication model, and highly concurrent, fault tolerant code base built on Erlang OTP. I'll also discuss the document model and how it compares to SQL, as well as the current state of the project and future directions.

If you are interested in attending or otherwise meeting up, mail me at See you there!

Posted January 21, 2008 2:32 PM