The internet has traumatized my child

My 3 1/2 year old daughter can't read books yet, but she can use a computer and navigate the Nick Junior website. It's wild stuff man.

Recently she found some pretty disturbing videos on it. She's was crying for half an hour saying "It's a person. Click the camera. It's a person".

She had found some clips of the actors who do the voices on the show Go! Diego Go!. "Click The Camera" is a cartoon camera on the show and Rosie Perez does the voice.

Up until that moment, she thought the show was real. A cartoon show. With talking animals and cameras. I dunno either. But she's 3 1/2 so I'll cut her some slack.

Anyway, she was very upset. When I explained that actors do the voices and it's make believe, they just pretend so that it's fun, she just cried more. When I asked why she was crying, she said she didn't know.

Poor kid, she was just overwhelmed.

Eventually she calmed down and became curious and rewatched a video of the boy who does the voice of Diego. Then she wanted to go visit the voice actors. I explained that California is a long long way away, and she just started balling. I then said someday we'll go to California to meet them. But not now.

I regret making that promise, but it's not like I can keep it anyway. We can't just drive up to their houses and say "Howdy! Beautiful Day huh? Listen, my kid wanted to meet you, can we come in?" I think I have to keep making excusing and putting it off until my daughter is old enough to understand how awkward that would be.

Posted January 6, 2008 2:47 PM