July 21, 2008

Thank You RubyFringe

Pete Forde, Meghann Millard, the rest of the folks from Unspace and everyone else helping with RubyFringe were amazing. It might be the best conference I've been too, excellent on almost every level. People, topics, food, drinks, events, all were great. And no sponsors! I feel privileged to have attended, and the response I got for my talk just blew me away. Thank You!


July 17, 2008

"Tried to build Erlang, but there's something wrong with the MacPorts port."

There's something wrong with the Macports port? Maybe you should try the Macports port Port port. If that doesn't work you could always port the port port port over to the port port port port, recompile and then run this ruby script:

class CaptainsLog
def self.new_log_entry
cl = self.new
cl.stardate = Time.now
cl.log_entry = "It has been four day since we arrived in orbit around Planet Erlang and I couldn't port the port port port port port port. My crew, and I, are running out of oxygen. My ship is nothing but a cluster of unreliable commodity hardware. I can never forgive them for the death of my son."
From here. We should probably add this to the FAQ.


July 1, 2008

CouchDBX - CouchDB Binary for OS X

If you want to play with CouchDB on your Mac and you don't want to mess with any command line installation business, this is for you.

CouchDBX Revival