Quick Blog Entry

I've been really busy and just not in a blogging mood lately. But I'm going to force myself to write a blog post for 15 minutes. This is it. I'm a slow typist.

CouchDB development is going well. We have more contributors and are about to add another project member. We are about to release a 0.8.1, which I think will be a very solid and useable release. The trunk is usually in good shape, but unpredictable. You might encounter serious bugs. Be warned.

The interest in CouchDB is impressive for a still immature project. And like most open source projects, its all word of mouth. We don't have a PR or marketing department. Except for Jan :)

Right now I'm working on a few performance optimizations in the btrees. It currently does linear scans on the keys in each btree node, when really it should be binary search. Doing some early profiling showed the number of keys comparisons is eating up CPU.

There are a number of big companies and small startups alike using CouchDB already. The uptake has been amazing here, I'm absolutely thrilled and CouchDB is being used to solve real problems. There is one company, a tech giant, that is piloting a couchdb project. If successful, CouchDB will be the storage engine in the next version of a product already used by millions.

But puzzlingly there is a lack of interest within IBM. I'm not much of an evangelist, but I thought people within Lotus would be interested. But so far, not so much.

Quick thought: Cloud computing is great. Right up until you lose your connection, then what?

Okay, that's 15 minutes. A quick read through, a few edits and a sick feeling at the lack of structure aaaaaaand publish.

Posted August 12, 2008 10:57 AM