"The web is built on REST. Therefore REST is good" Bullshit

The web is built on GET and POST verbs, not the RESTful GET, PUT and DELETE (and sometimes POST) verbs.

The only thing that's RESTful about 99% of the web is that it uses GET (even then many applications use GET wrong). The argument that REST is great because it provides standardized caching support, well that pretty much only applies to GET requests anyway, what about PUT and DELETE?

It's not verbs that make it all work, it's URLs and HTTP. HTTP 1.0 is so damn simple to be almost too simple. 1.1 fixed its biggest deficiencies without adding much complexity, and now HTTP is a transport and protocol that does its job just well enough to not get in the way. And that's what the web is built on.

Posted August 15, 2008 9:31 AM