Free TV Show Idea: The Obsessive Compulsive Time Traveler

I was reading a story about a guy whose been obsessed for 50 years with building a time machine to warn his dad not to smoke.

Someone brought up the point that if the guy was one day successful, wouldn't his father have not died?

So that gave me the idea for a new TV show: The Obsessive Compulsive Time Traveler.

It's about a guy who travels back in time to make sure previous events still happen correctly, because he's afraid if he doesn't things will go wrong and the present will be wrecked. He's not right in the head, plus he's got a time machine, like a combination of Monk and Voyagers!.

It practically writes itself. Every week he get himself into hilarious new predicaments where he has to fix the history he just broke. Plus you can learn about history and stuff ("To learn more about Sam Houston, visit your local library."). All I ask is the producer thank me when they win their Emmy.

Posted November 15, 2008 5:12 AM