Briefly this evening, I thought about spending some time playing around with Processing.

I'd take a few days, learn some new stuff, create animations that do nothing in particular but look cool, set it to some music. I have lots of ideas I want to explore, things that I think will look interesting and cool and maybe interactive. A toy someone can play with.

I'd get better, develop a following, buzz, excitement, yada yada. Eventually I'm like a Processing guru, making wicked cool animations at a whim. Sounds neat.

But when would I start this? Hmmmm. How about, do it fucking now? Ok, sounds good.

Go to the website, start looking at some code. It all looks interesting and approachable. Cool.

Hmmm, wait. Should I really be fooling around with this? I really need to do the replication testing for the new security features of CouchDB. For some reason I don't want to. But If I can fool around with Processing, then I clearly have the mental focus necessary to do the tests. The replication tests need to be done, then I can work on the Lucene integration and get closer to 1.0. So then I decide to fire up TextMate and have at it.

But before I do, I have this idea for a blog post. The CouchDB testing work will have to wait...

Posted December 26, 2008 6:30 PM