CouchDB Coming to the Bay Area

CouchHack, a 3 day hacker-fest at my house here in Asheville, is now done and I really had a blast. It was great to meet everyone and just hang out, and somehow a lot of code got written (but not by me). Thanks to Chris Anderson, Brad Anderson, Paul Davis, Jan Lehnardt, and Benjamin Young. You were all excellent guests and are invited back when we do it again.

And thanks to my very understanding and supportive wife Laura. It was her idea to have it at our house, she and the kids visited Grandma so we could hack!

Next week I'll be in the San Francisco area tuesday April 28 through March 2 to give a keynote at the Erlang Factory Conference. CouchDB contributers Chris Anderson, Paul Davis, Adam Kocoloski and Jan Lehnardt will be there too.

Last Minute Special: If you just want to learn about CouchDB, there is a now a special price for the CouchDB conference track only.

Contact me if you want to meet about CouchDB or related projects and ventures while I'm in the area:

Posted April 22, 2009 3:37 PM