Moving To California

My wife and I are seriously thinking about moving to the Bay Area sometime before the next school year. We aren't completely sure yet, but we are starting to look into it.

Why move? So I'm not so damn far away from where all the action is. Everything I do is email and phone calls. There is so much more I want to be doing with CouchDB that will just be easier when I can meet people face to face. Plus, on a personal there are a lot of people I find really interesting there, and I think the culture and people might be a better fit for us.

Why stay? Asheville is very nice, a great place to raise a family. Maybe California will suck for my family. Maybe I'll become part of the herd and lose my perspective. Maybe I'll lose my soul. Maybe maybe maybe.

I'm interested to know what others think, particularly people who have moved out there. What was good? What was bad? Would it be good for my family? Would it be good for CouchDB?

Posted April 2, 2009 10:37 PM