October 29, 2009

Koala on the loose!

Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala has just been released. This is big news as this version includes Apache CouchDB, used as a replicable database by desktop apps. This means CouchDB will be on over 10 million desktops. Nice :)



"CouchDB Implements a Fundamental Algorithm"

Chris Anderson, an Apache CouchDB contributor, writes a great article about the core design of CouchDB:

CouchDB Implements a Fundamental Algorithm


October 23, 2009

Mozilla Raindrop


Mozilla has announced the Raindrop project today, a new messaging platform built on top of Apache CouchDB:

A central principle behind Raindrop is that messaging should be personal -- we want Raindrop to be people-centric both in how we process messages, and in how we can help give people control over their personal data and experiences.

This is a huge deal for me and for CouchDB. I can't describe how proud I am of this.


October 13, 2009

"Agile is treating the symptoms, not the disease"

Where is this decade's Access?

It may seem like a snarky and trolling question, but think about it for a moment: for a decade or so, I was brought into project after project that was designed to essentially rebuild/rearchitect the Access database created by one of the department's more tech-savvy employees into something that could scale beyond just the department.

(Actually, in about half of them, the goal wasn't even to scale it up, it was just to put it on the web. It was only in the subsequent meetings and discussions that the issues of scale came up, and if my memory is accurate, I was the one who raised those issues, not the customer. I wonder now, looking back at it, if that was pure gold-plating on my part.)

Others, including many people I care about (Rod Paddock, Markus Eggers, Ken Levy, Cathi Gero, for starters) made a healthy living off of building "line of business" applications in FoxPro, which Microsoft has now officially shut down. For those who did Office applications, Visual Basic for Applications has now been officially deprecated in favor of VSTO (Visual Studio Tools for Office), a set of libraries that are available for use by any .NET application language, and of course classic Visual Basic itself has been "brought into the fold" by making it a fully-fledged object-oriented language complete with XML literals and LINQ query capabilities.

Which means, if somebody working for a small school district in western Pennsylvania wants to build a simple application for tracking students' attendance (rather than tracking it on paper anymore), what do they do?


That last question is the one that interests me more than just about anything else you can ask.


Apache CouchDB 0.10.0 Escapes!

Our first beta!

Get it here: http://couchdb.apache.org/downloads.html

There should be another interesting CouchDB related announcement later today.


October 6, 2009

Awesome InfoWorld CouchDB Article

CouchDB emerging as a top choice for offline Web apps