First week in the new office

Last week was our first week in our new office in Old Downtown Oakland. It's a really neat area with lots of restaurants and bars, and hardly any murders.

Oh yeah, we've changed our name to Couchio. Our new blog will be here soon.

Our office:
office - 4.jpg

Our office manager Claire:
office - 6.jpg

Chris and Mikeal:
office - 1.jpg

Claire and Jan:
office - 2.jpg

office - 8.jpg

Super Awesome Art by Julie Armbruster:
office - 3.jpg

office - 7.jpg

My Office:
office - 5.jpg

So far we are really disorganized and discombobulated. But I'm are working on it! I even bought Management for Dummies. Things will be running smoothly in no time ;)

Also we are looking hard for someone to help us offer CouchDB support and hopefully build a whole support organization. Email me if you are interested or know someone who is.

Posted February 8, 2010 6:56 PM