Migrating Notes/Domino to CouchDB

I've been talking to some IT shops who are migrating away from Lotus Notes and Domino. More than wanting to use something else, it seems the reasons they are migrating away is that people in management just don't like Lotus Notes.

The problem these IT shops face is they don't have many good options to migrate to. Sharepoint works for very generic collaborative activities, but not so much for custom business apps that are so pervasive in large Notes installs. That doesn't mean people don't try.


So these IT shops are interested in migrating to Apache CouchDB for obvious reasons. CouchDB is largely inspired by the Lotus Notes backend. CouchDB has a document database, peer based replication, views, full text indexing add-ons, security, and HTTP client access. It also has a very active and growing open source community.

So in theory, migrating to CouchDB from Notes/Domino should be easier than migrating to any other technology. But what we don't yet have is many tools, documentation and examples for migrating from Notes to CouchDB.

Anyone out there have experience with this type of thing for Notes? Anyone interested in helping us develop the tools and documentation for migrating to CouchDB? There is a lot of business opportunity here, and we are looking for partners and VARs to help customers with tools and migrations. If interested, have some ideas or feedback, feel free to email me at damien@couch.io.

Posted February 18, 2010 8:45 PM