Google Denies Our Commercial

Recently Chris and Claire produced a commercial for Couchio and CouchDB.

We tried to run it on real TV via Google AdWords, but they denied it:

Hello Claire,

Thank you for your email. I have reviewed your account and found that the ad was rejected for the following reasons:

* Your ad clearly and accurately describes your business, product, or service.

* Rich Media and TV ads: your ad clearly identifies the sponsor of the ad.

* Online Audio and TV ads: Your ad does not include a 'shout-out' that is not commercial in nature.

Please note that the audio quality is not clear enough to explain the business information. This is the reason why your ad was disapproved. I suggest you improve the audio quality and resubmit your ad.

Please follow these technical Specifications and Instructions in future:

Once you edit your ad to comply with our policies, your ad is automatically resubmitted back to us for review. We appreciate your effort in editing your ad.


Google AdWords

I think it's that they just can't handle our awesomeness, but they claim it's something about the audio. I'm thinking we'll resubmit with the lyrics scrolling at the same time, so there is no confusion what's being sung.

Posted May 5, 2010 6:04 PM