What a difference a few months make

4 months off and I feel reborn.This time has meant everything to me and especially my kids.

I miss Couchbase terribly, but I'm also glad to be done and start a new chapter in my career. The thing I miss most are the great people there, super bright hard working folks who amazed me on a daily basis. Which, ironically, was the thing that made it easy to leave. Seeing the different teams taking the ball and running with it without me leading the charge. Things at Couchbase grew and matured so fast I started to realize I couldn't keep up without spending way more time working. I was no longer the catalyst that moved things forward, I was becoming the bottleneck preventing engineers from maturing and leaders from rising.

Anyway, I'll miss my whole CouchDB and Couchbase odyssey immensely. I know it's a rare thing to have helped create and lead the things I did. I don't take it for granted. It was a hell of a ride.

And now what's next? Well, beginning in January 2014 I'll be starting at salesforce.com and working closely with Pat Helland on a project that eventually will underpin huge amounts of their site infrastructure, improving performance, reliability and predictability, while reducing production costs dramatically. It's quite ambitious and I don't know if I'm yet at liberty to talk about the project details and scope. But if we can pull it off we will change a lot more than Salesforce, in the same way the Dynamo work changed a lot more than Amazon's shopping cart. It's ridiculously cool. And we are hiring the best people possible to make it happen.

Here I go again. I'm a very, very lucky man.

Posted December 16, 2013 11:43 PM